Expertise Transfer

With the market turmoil internationally the topic of Expertise Transfer is starting to bubble to the top.  Mergers, Acquisitions, retiring employees is causing havoc at many companies who will suffer greatly if the employees who are at the core of their processes and competitive advantage leave.

The other subtle issue around Expertise Transfer is re-use.  How do we build on current Expertise in order to support the Mergers, Acquisitions, changing Business Models and new Product innovations?

Software is not the answer and we must go to the source of the Expertise, people.

An expert is an expert because they know what to do, when and what not to do.  Often an expert may not know all the answers but knows where to find people or information that can be combined to achieve the desired outcome.  How can we use a Persona construct to make Expertise available to all?

Start with a perspective of a Persona as a mask made up of Stories and Processes.  Now let’s add a couple of extra elements–Software, Brand and Measure.  These five items are a tool I call the Story Lens.




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