Beware the NeuroPriests!

You know who, the consultant who carries credentials in front to subdue clients and their customers.  The chosen one.  The one who recieves the DEEP INSIGHTS you only attain while dreaming.  The one who knows the secret tools, rituals and dances that guarantee the success of new products and salvation of old.

The NeuroPriests show the way.  Except for two minor triffles, silly details really… 

Why then are product and brand failures so high? 

Why can’t their customers become self-sufficient as they bask in their splendour?

If you listen closely you may hear these two words–> NeuroPriest Annuities.

How can you work with a NeuroPriest?

Demand knowledge transfer, even if you have to rent proprietery tools. 

Pay for extra training and check ups as you would pay a dentist or auto mechanic.

Look for ways to cut corners to an outcome that’s close enough and swap perspective for precision.

There are usually many ways to do work.  Don’t be lazy, think about your options once you have a firm grip on your desired outcome.

Get a second or third opinion but resist crafting an RFP because if you know enough to document the work needed to provide a solution you should just get on with the work.

Beware the NeuroPriest, and if it helps call us… NeuroPriest BUSTERS !  🙂




One Response to “NeuroPriests!”

  1. […] Nielsen Ratings Desperate Media Gamble Filed under: Advertising, Brand War, Media, Predictive Analytics, neuropersona — scenario2 @ 2:00 am Tags: neuropersona Nielsen is desperate to protect its Nielsen ratings market share and seems to have taken a wild gamble by investing heavily in a neuro-marketing company.  The neuro-marketers would have you believe that the only way you get good and reliable information from someone is to ask them a question when their head is in an MRI machine. […]

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